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Both the Alarm Lock Trilogy T2 and T3 electronic digital locks are
specifically designed for entrance doors to any area or facility
requiring a varying degree of privacy or controlled entry: employee
entrances; fraternal organizations; laundry rooms; foyers and
reception areas; team locker rooms; rest rooms; health clubs and
dressing rooms.

The Trilogy T3 with Audit Trail is particularly helpful where you need
a written report of who accessed your property and when. Real time
clock allows programming of locking & unlocking, time zone
restrictions and holiday scheduling.


  • Accepts most HID Proximity cards and keyfobs including 26 - 48 bit formats.
  • 2000 User codes; Master; manager; supervisor; basic users;
  • Users are individually programmed to use a card only, code only, or for the highest security--both card and code.
  • Card data can be added to software via the lock, card reader module or PC.
  • Weatherproof
  • Real time clock enables up to 500 scheduled events and holiday schedules.
  • And much more!

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